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Residential VoIP

Leepfrog telecom's VoIP services is an over the top service,  available nationwide at low monthly cost.


contact us for further information on our VoIP Products and services.



*A high speed cable, DSL/Cable or wireless internet connection


*An ATA or IP Telephone

*Installation charge of $99.99 for ATA or phone  where required.

Residential Basic $14.99/per month

 Other Charges

 $1.99/Mo    Voip 911

 $1.30  411 calls

 $80.00 Grandstream 502 ATA

 $.03/min Can/US over time rate

 where applicable.

Canada wide Calling area



Keep your number

Unlimited Canada/US calls


DID Included (keep your number)

Unlimited local calling

Free porting of your current number

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