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An inexpensive way to deliver TV with an “app” solution for you to pick your own channels.  Watch up to 5 tv’s in one billing location. Get time shifting. No contracts. Works with any Roku Premiere (version 3 or greater), Apple TV 4th Generation or newer and Leepfrog Android Converter.  A converter is required for each TV. Powered by Atop TV for an all around, inexpensive, enjoyable experience.

Our basic TV package stay connected

Our basic TV package + a lot more viewing entertainment

For those who want a little extra Pick your own channels.

Other Available services


Skinny Package                            

Skinny Plus Package                    

Sports net Package                       

HBO & Movie Net Package         

Pick 5 (any 5 channels)                              Res. Video Connection fee          $4.00


One Time Charges

Roku                                               $99.99

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