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Downloads up to 7 Mbps

Uploads up to 700 Kbps

Unlimited Data usage

7 Mbps $54.99/per month

Installation fee $120.00


15 Mbps $64.99 per month

25 Mbps $69.99/per month

Downloads up to 15 Mbps

Uploads up to 1 Mbps

Unlimited Data usage

Downloads up to 25 Mbps

Uploads up to 5 Mbps

Unlimited Data usage

Installation fee $220.00

Modem $200.00

Activation fee $50.00

Dry Loop may be required 

Band E-G $38.00/m

Band A-c $15.00/m

Dry Loop Activation fee $55.00


 100 Mbps $84.99/per month

Downloads up to 100 Mbps

Uploads up to 10 Mbps

Unlimited Data usage

Modem $200.00

Activation fee $60.00

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